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Welcome to Kitchens for Good SHOP online! Discover a selection of pre-loved kitchenware items, cooking classes, and handcrafted products at unbeatable prices.

Enhance your kitchen all while supporting our mission of transforming lives through culinary arts. Shop now and make a difference!

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About Us

At Kitchens for Good we are dedicated to transforming lives. Many of our Apprentices have been impacted by histories of trauma and faced barriers to employment. Our programs give them the technical and life skills they need to find meaningful careers in the hospitality industry.

Our California state-certified Apprenticeship programs help Apprentices to grow and gain confidence so they can enjoy well-paying jobs and positively contribute to their communities.

Yelp Reviews
I had the pleasure of attending Kitchens for Good SHOP's pre-launch party today, and it was a wonderful experience. The store feels open and airy while still being full of fantastic deals on kitchenware, appliances, dishware, linens, and even cookbooks. Most items are grouped by color, and the displays are well arranged for easy browsing.
All items being sold have been donated, and proceeds support Kitchens for Good programs. Those worthwhile initiatives include reducing food waste as well as a culinary apprenticeship program which trains people impacted by homelessness, foster care, and former incarceration culinary skills so that they can move on to self-sustaining roles in the food and restaurant industry.
I am going to look through my kitchen and start collecting donations for Kitchens for Good SHOP. And that means I'll have more space for a few new finds from the shop, too. Win-win all around!